Intelligent ad buying using machine learning

Increase advertising performance while reducing overhead costs

The Monoid RTB Pricer is an independent plug-in service to DSP systems which conduct real-time yield optimization by predicting optimal bid prices. Data science driven predictions offer high performance advertising results. Our proprietary algorithms leverage your data sets to differentiate your tech stack from others.


Ad Viewability

We ensure people actually see your ads

The Monoid Viewability Predictor offering is also an extended capability of high performance pre-bid viewability signal. This state-of-the-art tool uses advanced machine learning to predict whether an impression will be viewable - before you buy it.


Recommendation engine

recommendation engine

Help your customers find the products they need

The Monoid Recommender is a plug-and-play personalized product recommendation engine for online stores. Driven by intelligent machine learning algorithms, our engine supports various personalization strategies which are customized for your site.

Increase your conversion rates at no cost